Hello, we are TabletTable.
Established in 2014 in Nashville, TN.

We Believe that Everyone Should Have Access to Technology

We worked with teachers, therapists and parents to understand their assistive technology needs and designed TabletTable with those in mind for optimum use and minimal distractions.

TabletTable’s front panel keeps your tablet secure while providing access to buttons, speakers, headphones and camera.

We put the handle, charger access and insert release in the back of the TabletTable…away from the user yet easily accessible to a therapist, teacher or parent.

The bottom features oversized pressure sensitive adhesive grips as well as mounting options for screws, posts or straps.

TabletTable helps people to reach and view the screen of an iPad Air, Air 2 & iPad Pro 9.7.

Product Features:

  • Provides an ergonomic, 22-degree angle design
  • Includes a built-in handle and a convenient storage space for chargers or other supplies
  • Offers solid construction and nonskid bottom for security and stability
  • Accompanied by Attainment’s Grab & Go Case™

Inspired by Hannah

Hannah is a pre-teen who loves to make music and play games from her wheelchair. She needed a little extra help to interact with todays’ slim and sleek computing devices.  Recognizing this, Hannah’s grandfather, Don Albee,  built the original TabletTable. He didn’t realize how big of a hit it would be in her classroom!  Soon he found himself crafting them out of wood in his garage in Western New York.  Don’s son, Jeff Albee, decided to build on his father’s original idea. He has been working with designers, therapists, educators and individuals to bring TabletTable to market to help make modern devices accessible for everyone. 

TabletTable’s recessed cavity provides a larger, flush surface which broadens the workspace. The TabletTable also adds weight to the tablet so that it remains securely in place.

“These two primary design features of TabletTable combine to diminish the impacts of inaccurate hand motions, which would otherwise render the tablet inoperable”

– Dr. Jessica Moyer, PT, DPT

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